1st paper assignment: the problem of narrative

Below is an excerpt from The Annals of Saint Gall. The numbers are years.
709.    Hard winter. Duke Gottfried died.
710.    Hard year and deficient in crops.
712.    Flood everywhere.
714.    Pippin, Mayor of the Palace, died.
715.    716. 717.
718.    Charles devastated the Saxon with great destruction.
720.    Charles fought against the Saxons.
721.    Theudo drove the Saracens out of Aquitaine.
722.    Great crops.
725.    Saracens came for the first time.
731.    Blessed Bede, the presbyter, died.
732.    Charles fought against the Saracens at Poitiers on Saturday.
The Annals continues in this way till it ends as below
1045. 1046. 1047. 1048. 1049. 1050. 1051. 1052.
1053. 1054. 1055.
1056.  The Emperor Henry died; and his son Henry succeeded to
the rule.
1057.  1058. 1059. 1060. 1061. 1062. 1063. 1064.
1065. 1066. 1067. 1068. 1069. 1070. 1071. 1072.

If you want to print this out or view it separately it’s here
The Annals are a real document, produced by medieval monks. The original is in Latin, and looks like this

Assignment: Turn this Annal into a history. Write a no more than three page history of this world, based on this one source.

One rule: you can make things up, but you can’t get more information. Don’t go to Wikipedia and look up Duke Gottfried or Blessed Bede, the presbyter. How can you make sense of this simply from this extremely limited source?

You can write it as fiction if you like. But at the end you have to write a conclusion saying how you did it. What did it take to make this into a history?